Where is the Future now?

Behind the glitter of spectacular distractions, a tendency toward banalization dominates modern society the world over, even where the more advanced forms of commodity consumption have seemingly multiplied the variety of roles and objects to choose from. The vestiges of religion and of the family, along with the vestiges of moral repression imposed by those two institutions, can be blended with ostentatious pretensions of worldly gratification precisely because life in this particular world remains repressive and offers nothing but pseudo-gratifications. Complacent acceptance of the status quo may also coexist with purely spectacular rebelliousness — dissatisfaction itself becomes a commodity as soon as the economy of abundance develops the capacity to process that particular raw material.

- Society of the Spectacle, chapter 3, 59


13th July

The de- evolution of man  - everything reaches a peak and thereon is a downfall (basic life cycles and career graphs) - on micro and macro levels... daily routine to evolution of species so what are the factors that lead you up that graph and drop you? What takes your place thereon? 

-Connects back to the idea of entropy... 
-Nietzsche's Ubermensche contends that "man is something which ought to be overcome:"

what are the different touch points within the project?
Metaphysical vs the socio - political possibility  how do i substantiate or articulate the idea of the box within this construct?

14th July

(concepts that i am working around)

The box is an idea or a developing lifestyle that emulates or facilitates / ( ) a (nuclear) , mechanical functioning of man. 
It lives / exists / by the idea of routine, predictability and security. 

artificial force
force ?
eradicating the unpredictable.
minimise survival instinct ?

The box is a man made object, yet it is alien to its surroundings.
Nothing  suggests that the box be the way it is. It is simple yet advanced. Artificial
Everything is a result of the box. 
Easy to make / store / stack / duplicate / disguise / draw / modify.
The box (technology) produces more boxes (mass production / clones) that produce more boxes / Automation / Multiplicity Eg: the number of packaged products used by the average human being within a year.
The piling up of boxes  - (inorganic v/s organic?) which form has become more influential / powerful / popular - Which form do people respond to more naturally? 
 The simplification of form: Shapes that are inspired from natural shapes (biomimicry) simplification of form (play with silhouettes) eg: squid v/s torpedo.
Giving the box a character – personifying it. Human vs machine. Artificial to artificial intelligence.
(How has man begun to propagate and ‘sell’ himself from the POV of the box that he comes from.)

Talking to Svabhu : 
How would man respond to the things around him if every memory of his were wiped out?
What if everybit of evolution, ( association cognition survival etc ) were to be relived and learnt all over again in relation to the now "static" boxes around you.

Man as routinous. : Brahmachari (student), Grihasta (Householder) Vanaprasta (forest dweller or Hermit in semi retirement) Sannyasi (the renounced one in full retirement) 
Preparation, Production, Service and Retirement

How would he redefine this social construct? 

17th July

Man was a hunter. What in his evolutionary process from a quadruped would have him evolve into a biped? Possibly, as a hunter to see farther and to chase. It is a simple and direct association to man and nature. 
In terms of spirituality, it was for him to be better tomorrow than he was today.
Divinity was kept down to the worship of nature or any state that lifted him above the mundane. etc So what prompted this entire simplicity to complicate itself where one cannot remember or even forgets to question why they were stuck in the present rut - lifestyle / religion ? He fell in Love? :P Progress? We live in world governed by norms (they are to facilitate) that act as strongholds. 

What is the raison d'etre today?

The box exists everywhere to only make us aware of this lifestyle that we have developing around us. How can full consiousness help us make better choices for ourselves? Could a slight awareness of personal wellbeing in this chaos change the way we look at various systems and the way we interpret them - education, career choices, status. 
Could being aware of the box help you think out of it?

So what is the form of the "anti box"?