Where is the Future now?

Behind the glitter of spectacular distractions, a tendency toward banalization dominates modern society the world over, even where the more advanced forms of commodity consumption have seemingly multiplied the variety of roles and objects to choose from. The vestiges of religion and of the family, along with the vestiges of moral repression imposed by those two institutions, can be blended with ostentatious pretensions of worldly gratification precisely because life in this particular world remains repressive and offers nothing but pseudo-gratifications. Complacent acceptance of the status quo may also coexist with purely spectacular rebelliousness — dissatisfaction itself becomes a commodity as soon as the economy of abundance develops the capacity to process that particular raw material.

- Society of the Spectacle, chapter 3, 59

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Referencing Monty Python Title Sequence

Been considering creating one action - animation for the illustrations, single level interaction, an element of play.
One form, to reveal another is also another option im thinking of. A box within a box within a box. One image zooms in to the next to then reveal another.
Matt suggested i look at Monty Python and its quite a good reference.. although form and format of presentation is still a big question mark!

Illustrating Content

Found images / photocopies with pencil

Working on Illustrating content, an attempt to derive visual metaphors, a step between Text and 3D. Understanding Content.

What are the concepts that im working with?
Spectacles, Distractions, banalization, ordered systems, Frivolity, Abundance, Simplicity, Efficiency

I have completed 30 so far, the target is a 100.

Feedback : scroll and check Review 2.5

A chat with Vidha

"I had a dream the night i read your blog. I woke up with a feeling. It may not directly concern your project but i felt " What if the earth were to feed off us?"

It led me back to something you read, when is the time to say enough, or that actually we are way past it."

There was a man who bought a fish. He put it in a bowl and day by day the fish grew bigger. He kept transferring it from one bowl to the next until the fish was too big and he had to let it go into the sea. He realised he should have done that a long time ago as that is the law. That a fish belongs in the sea. He could provide for it no longer.

Just a thought."

"The Medium is of an interesting choice. The quality of the photocopy and the treatment of the found images adds to the subject. Working with excess.

Something i remember when i think of this - "An artist's job is not to make visual but to make visible", it applies to this in some way. "

"The treatment of the frame is very constant. I don't know about the process or your reasoning but i find everything to be revealed to the viewer. What if the viewer were to look for a point of focus, they were made to feel intelligent in a way, that you didn't have to tell them where to look and that they found it, which led them on to the next image. "

"A third dimension can be enough to change a viewers perspective. What of the 3rd dimension can you bring in?"

"Titling can bring in poetry of some kind. There is a museum in Japan for artefacts collected in the Nuclear explosion. There were many artefacts from the war that were mangled. eg A shoe that had melted into a ball, almost like a sticky mass of tar and it was titled as though it were in its original state. "A black shoe from so and so district." and automatically the viewers imagination could fill up the events in between. Who the shoe belonged to, to how it got to that state, what was the state of the person who wore it?"

"As singular images they are strong. Abstract in one way, but they tell stories. As a series you are forced to make connections because of the repetition in elements. This gives you scope to play around with sequence."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Directions - Instinct and intuition?

"The middle of every successful project looks like a disaster" - My aunt sent this to me this morning... its the thing thats been driving me all day.
Found another book that was called "Trust the Process - an artist's guide" .. it had chapters like - The Leap of Faith - Blank Canvas - In the Dark etc. so im hoping what im going through right now is legit :)

I have, out of a surge of desperation and anticipation, taken to putting down this cloud of information in my head into illustrations and visuals. Using only found materials and images, photocopying them and creating quick collages that reflect in really abstract ways, the ideas in my head. It is the first step to giving my information a face. Im hoping that these series of images will then help me transition into visually thinking about the space.
I may display this series as a preliminary exhibit along with text to put my information in some perspective. A form of narrative exploration, and mapping in a way.